Jacksonport United Methodist Church
Jacksonport, Wisconsin

Greetings, and Welcome to Jacksonport United Methodist - the "Little Church" in Jacksonport.
We are located at 6154 Cave Point Drive, near the corner of Cave Point Drive and Highway 57.
We are part of the Sturgeon Bay/Jacksonport Charge of the Wisconsin United Methodist Church.
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Our pastor is Rev David Leistra. Feel free to contact him at the Sturgeon Bay church:    phone 920-743-3241
    email: church.office@sturgeonbayumc.org or PastorLeistra@gmail.com

    Jacksonport UMC - June 21, 2020     Jacksonport UMC on June 21, 2020    

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Church Pix

The Jacksonport United Methodist Church combines historic simplicity with quaint country charm. Built in 1893, the simplistic architectural style reflects the Quaker background of one of the church founders and builders. The small but adequate entrance hall, the straight pews, the white altar rail and pulpit and the oak flooring all repeat this unassuming style. Music from the original Epworth pump organ still fills the church. Everything conveys the feeling of simplicity that has continued over the past 129 years.

Although some improvements have been made over the years, nothing has really changed. The foundation on which this building and congregation was formed is still the same and will continue. Members of the Jacksonport United Methodist Church, along with many summer visitors, family and friends still enjoy the heartwarming pump organ music, thoughtful sermons and warm friendship. They believe that the special old-fashioned feeling of faith that started this Church is strong, vibrant and alive.

Present day church
Dee Sinnett Watercolor

Services resumed on May 21, 2023, and are held each Sunday morning at 8:45 AM. Summer services will continue until October 15.   There is also a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 9:00 PM.

Watercolor by the late Dee Sinnett

Lee Jones Church Pix

Watercolor by Lee Jones